W e sell pre-made and made-to-order Hiko trays (40 seedling trees and/or shrubs) that cater for your needs related to climate, location and purpose. For example, we make up packs for:

• Koala habitat
• Neighbour hiding
• Creek lands
• Dry, rocky soil
• Clay soil
• Bird habitat

The Armidale Tree Group has been growing and supplying plants to farmers, graziers, land care groups, councils, and other organisations since the 1980s, and has gained a reputation for quality trees, shrubs and grasses. Our large production nursery allows us to propagate plants for agricultural sites, revegetation, landscaping projects, land care activities and more.

Our species lists have been divided into our most frequently asked-for categories. Each list contains prices and key information about each species.

Clay & Basalt Species List

Creek & Riparian Species List

Koala Habitat Species List

General Species List

We can assist you with native species selection for your site and project requirements.

We propagate and grow seedlings for use as:


  • Shelterbelts
  • Revegetation
  • Phytocapping
  • Erosion control
  • Privacy & screening
  • Recreational & other aesthetics

Hobby farm packs

From the ever-popular ‘Neighbour Hider’, to ‘Koala Habitat’; we have a range of ready-made native seedling packs to suit your requirements.

*Bee Pack
*Riparian Pack
*Neighbour Hider Pack
*Koala Habitat Pack