Australian Garden Plants

Cold climate adapted and beloved by birds and bees, there's a lot to love about our nursery range.
We stock an appealing selection of Australian shrubs, trees, wildflowers and grasses which are adapted to cold climate landscapes.
To bring colour and variety to your garden or to improve productivity, diversity and sustainability on your farm, you can choose from our extensive range of species on offer through our nursery.
We stock a range of plants for garden features, back yard privacy, to attract birds, bees and other helpful wildlife, groundcovers, in rockeries, as borders, to provide habitat, to reinforce fence lines, and windbreaks and stock shelter.

A little TLC goes a long way

Australian plants can be every bit as fresh and beautiful as exotics, if they’re given the love and attention they deserve. Watering, feeding and pruning will help to create a lush garden which will be pleasing to both you and the honeyeaters!