We offer exceptional service and advice for commercial and private projects.

W e can work with you to tailor your project to your needs, from large-scale revegetation to small landholdings. We can carry out all aspects of a job, from beginning to end, if you require. Our revegetation services can include:

  • Site inspection and design advice
  • Species selection and propagation
  • Initial and follow up weed control
  • Providing contractor details for ripping/soil preparation
  • Planting, staking and guarding
  • Initial and follow up watering

Contact our Environmental Services Coordinator for more information.

S uccessful tree planting is underpinned by correct site preparation and maintenance. The importance of site prep and aftercare simply cannot be overstated in terms of the health, survivability and growth rates of your vegetation. This video from North West Local Land Services demonstrates the techniques that should be applied.

Ideally, site preparation should begin 6-9 months prior to planting.

Pre-Rip Weed Control – Spray out the site with herbicide to control weeds and grasses which will compete for vital moisture and nutrients.

Ripping – This should only be carried out after the grass/weeds have died. Ripping should be done on three separate passes, to a depth of roughly 50cm.

Post-Rip Weed Control – After ripping, there will be a second flush of weeds, these need to be controlled with a second application of herbicide.

Planting – At the time of planting, a well prepared site should have weed-free rip lines with a soft, crumbly soil holding a full moisture profile.


Quality over quantity. Maintenance is an often-overlooked part of the revegetation process. Follow-up watering and weed control is crucial to the success of your planting.


When planning for a project, a two-year maintenance program should be incorporated into the budget. This may mean that a smaller number of trees will go in; however, a thriving, well established planting that can be successively added to is far preferable to an initially larger, struggling revegetation site.

We can provide tailored maintenance programs for your site. Watering and weed control is taken care of on our end, and we make seasonal adjustments as necessary, ensuring your site receives the right care at the right time and all within budget.

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